Friday, June 19, 2009

What's a Googoo?

When my daughter was expecting her first child I spent many hours contemplating what this first grandchild should call me. I just couldn't see myself as a granny, mimi, mammaw, nanna, etc. so I decided on a nice, dignified "grandmother". When I told my daughter the name I'd chosen, she immediately vetoed it as "too stuffy and formal" so... it was back to the drawing board. My next choice, "Gramma" was deemed acceptable by all and I began imagining myself as Gramma. I could see a polite, well-dressed little girl or boy taking me by the hand and saying, "Gramma, let's take a walk in the garden and pick some flowers." (Actually, I don't even have a garden.)

So, when our little bundle of joy was born, it was "Gramma" this and "Gramma" that until he reached the age where he actually started to express himself and what came out of that cute little mouth? You guessed it! "Googoo"! Yep! Just like those gooey, chocolate covered, peanut clusters!

And now, four years later, when I hear a little dark headed,brown-eyed boy with a big grin on his face yell "Googoo!" across a crowded mall, I beam with pride as he bounds over and wraps those sweet little arms around my legs. Who cares if bystanders are all saying "What's a Googoo?"

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  1. Love it! I guess I got your "Gramma" moniker as that's what my grands call me, sometimes followed by my name. Gramma Cheri is one happy lady!



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