Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making an "Eye Spy" Bag

Recently I made these cute little bags for the grandchildren of several friends. They are great for church, doctor's office, or long car rides.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial if you'd like to try one.

You will need these supplies:

two 8" squares of fleece fabric

one 4" square of heavy, clear plastic

small toys or objects to fill the bags (30-40 items)
(I like to include beads that spell out the child's name.)

plastic pellets

one 10" strip of grosgrain ribbon

one sheet of inkjet printer fabric (can be purchased at Jo-anns

Step 1: Place the clear plastic in the center of one square of fleece. I like to place it slightly above the center because I embroider the child's name below the plastic window.

Step 2: Place the piece of tissue paper over the plastic and pin both to the fleece square.

Step 3: Sew around the square using a slightly larger stitch length than you would use for regular sewing to prevent the needle from just perforating the plastic and causing it to tear.

Step 4: Tear away the tissue and turn the fabric over to the right side.

Step 5: Cut an X in the fabric. (Be sure you don't cut through the plastic.) Trim close to the seams, exposing your "window".

Step 6: I would now embroider the child's name below the window. If you don't have an embroidery machine, this can be done by hand or can be skipped altogether.

Step 7: Next, you will need to type up a list of all the items in your bag and print it out on fabric paper. I buy june tailor inkjet paper at Jo-anns and follow the printing and preparation instructions on the package. Pin and sew your list onto the other square of fleece.

Step 8: Fold the grosgrain ribbon in half, place diagonally and pin to one of the upper corners of the front piece. Placing right sides of both squares together, pin the four corners.

Step 9: Sew around the square, leaving at least a 2" or a little larger opening on one side . Sew diagonally across the corner with the grosgrain ribbon. Trim seams, clip corners and turn right side out.

Step 10: Topstitch around the bag (except for your opening) to reinforce the bag.

Step 11: Measure out 2 cups of pellets. I use a funnel to pour the pellets into the bag. Next, add all of your little toys to the bag.

Step 12: After the pellets and toys have been added, machine stitch the opening closed. Be sure and double stitch for reinforcement. You now have a finished "eye spy" bag which can be enjoyed for many years!

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  1. Great Idea!! I'll have to try one for the littles ones. Although the older ones might find it fun too, especially with their name beads. Thanks!



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