Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday Musings - A Visit From Lilly

This weekend we had a precious little house guest....

And she brought everything but the kitchen sink (luckily, we already had one of those)....

A weekend with Lilly is always filled with ...

  • lots of hugs and kisses

  • late night talks and songs              

  • walks in the neighborhood

  • dressing up in cute little clothes and hairbows

  • listening to sweet little squeals

  • lots more hugs and kisses, and...

  •  a real appreciation  for all parents of special needs children!            

Come back any time, sweet Lilly....just give me a few weeks to catch up on my sleep.   Googoo loves you!


  1. Wow - her hair is getting so long! What a precious girl.

  2. You are a good grandma, Glenda! May God bless you!



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