Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Return From a "Pregnant Pause" in Blogging

   I'm returning from a pregnant pause in announce a pregnancy!!  Our daughter, Mendy, is expecting their third child!  If you are aware of Mendy and her family, you will realize the significance of this announcement.  You can go here to read about their daughter, Lilly.

   Please join us in prayer for the next year,  until little baby Rucker arrives safely and it's determined that he/she is healthy.  This pregnancy came about after much prayer and a great desire to provide another sibling for big brother Michael and big sister Lilly.  We know that whatever the outcome, this baby will be welcomed into a loving home and God will provide Mendy and Erick the strength and love to care for him/her.

   Congratulations, Rucker family!

*Oh, and Michael wants a boy so he can get bunk beds!

1 comment:

  1. I was here keeping up on your blog and I was so excited to here about this news. I am praying. I am still working on the RAK's. Right now I have vertigo. Not fun! Congrats!



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