Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate, anyone?

A few months ago, my husband and I spent the night in a cute little bed and breakfast in Jefferson, TX.  Early the next morning he asked me to go down and get him a cup of coffee while he dressed.  On the buffet in the diningroom was this amazing coffee brewer with a little carousel of assorted coffees in tiny containers.  All I had to do was pick one out, put it in the receptacle and it magically brewed this steaming hot cup of coffee!

Weeks later I was still thinking about that beautiful, sleek-looking coffee brewer.  I even looked it up online and discovered that it brews different sizes of cups, is available in red, and has two different types of carousels to hold all the little coffees.  I thought about how cute it would look on my counter top and how much fun it would be to twirl that little carousel and look at all those different little K-cups. I could name it Katie (that's what I would have named my third daughter if I'd had one), but no, Katie Keurig sounded too much like Katie Couric and I'm too much of a political conservative to be reminded of her each day.  Beginning to sound like an obsesssion?.

I think so.  Because you see, the problem with all this is I DON'T DRINK COFFEE!!!  Now I tried to justify this obsession with the fact that it also brews tea and hot chocolate.  But, I don't drink hot tea and I only drink lowfat, sugar-free hot chocolate which isn't available in the K-cups. I did think about how much my husband would enjoy having me fix it for him.  But really, he only drinks coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings and downs a whole pitcher in about 30 minutes.  Oh, and did I also mention that I'm extremely practical and even on vacaction I only buy gifts for myself that are functional?  Hence, my big collection of cookbooks, my rolling pin from Silver Dollar City (who buys a rolling pin when everyone else on the trip is buying jewelry?), and a jar of molasses from some little town in Tennessee. 

So, how, oh, how was I going to justify spending a great deal of money on a beautiful, sleek, shiny, black, magical coffee maker that was obviously calling my name?  Well.........I didn't have to! Because my son-in-law's sweet, sweet mother heard about my ridiculous obsession and understood the need in my life to own something that was completely impractical.  So when she showed up at my door on Thanksgiving with this big, exquisitely wrapped box, my joy was complete!  I now have this ...........

 sitting on my countertop!  Isn't it beautiful?  Then I had to go out and buy this..........

so it wouldn't be lonely!

And now of course, the only way my practical side will ever relax and let me enjoy this thing is by frequent use.  So don't be surprised when you walk in my door and the first words out of my mouth are..."Can I fix you a cup of nice, hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate?" 
Thanks again, sweet Gina, for understanding!


  1. Love it!! I agree that some of the neatest and coolest kitchen appliances are coffee makes/grinders. And I don't drink coffee either. Craig only does at work and maybe, on extremely cold mornings, like when we are camping. When I recently had a get together at our house, I had to visit the travel trailer just to get our little coffee maker.

  2. I'm a Nespresso addict so I understand completely. It's sleek and gorgeous on your countertop (although it would have been nice if you had scooched it closer to your new sink as I've been wanting to see that...) :) Like I said, we use the Nespresso machines and I've been enjoying making peppermint mochas each morning (using the Starbucks syrups and powder). Ooo, la, la! And what a GENEROUS and lovely gift!

  3. I can totally relate! It is my new obsession!! :) I have never really been much into coffee, until this little guy came into our lives!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    And I love your K-Cup holder! I haven't seen one like that! Very nice! Where did you buy yours??



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