Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally......A Snow Day!

   Yes, it's finally happened!  After months of viewing blog and facebook pictures of snow all over the country, we finally have our very own snow day in the Dallas area!  I had to hurry outside and take some pictures to post because by tomorrow it will probably all be gone.  But at least, for today, this is my view.....

our snow-covered house....

the neighborhood...

our neighbor's backyard (notice the snowy palm trees around their pool)...

and snow-covered branches!

And do you know what the best thing about a snow day in Texas is?  Tomorrow we won't have piles of dirty snow all around our light posts will all melt  away and  by  Saturday the temperature will be in the fifties again and we'll all be saying, "Did it really snow just a few days ago?"


  1. Yes, Jennifer and Kim Green have said it's coming down heavy and WET! With 7" accumulations expected. I told her I'd come up next week with heavy coats, scarves and gloves so it would clear up and be sunny! :)

  2. I just heard that Keller has 6" already. Hurry up and bring that sunshine!:)



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