Friday, February 12, 2010

A Dallas Winter Wonderland

   After a full twenty-four hours of snowfall yesterday, we are now enjoying this...

Remember the picture of my neighbor's backyard?  This is how it looks now.  I'm not sure those palm trees will survive!

That's my car under there.  Good thing I'm not planning on going anywhere!

The mailman is going to earn his pay today!

Oh no, I just saw a big chunk of snow fall from a tree! It's already beginning to melt.  So, back to reality.After all, this is Dallas, and like I said yesterday, soon we will all be asking "Did we really have snow?"


  1. Glad you found my Texas-Blogging Gals!! Will get you on the next updated list. Come back over and get in on the giveaway there.

    Would love for you to come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon!

  2. Hi! I'm traveling over from Texas Blogging Gals. Beautiful pictures! In Waco we didn't get more than a sprinkling on the 12th but we are making up for it now! Its been snowing ALL DAY! Just stopped now. I grew up in the California mountains so I am loving this taste from home!

  3. Beautiful! We had that at our house, too. Came to visit from Texas Blogging Gals...

    Thanks for showing the beautiful pictures!


  4. Hello. Fellow Texas Blogging Gal member here to let you know about a giveaway of my Snail Mail Notes. Notecards include Texas themes. You can see giveaway details at and see my notes at


  5. Thanks you for coming by JoyintheBurbs. I can't get over how much snow you all got in Dallas. Just amazing. Such pretty pictures.
    I did use my pressure cooker once so far and without incident. (relief). I cooked green beans and potatoes together. They were good.
    ♥ Joy



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