Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family & Friends- "Blogger" Friends

   One of the fun things about blogging is meeting lovely people from all over  the country.  One of those sweet bloggers, Valerie, sent a package this past week to my oldest daughter.  Valerie lives in Georgia and her blog, Life's Little Garden, is a delight to read!
   Last spring, Valerie announced on her blog that she would like to do some random acts of kindness (RAK's) for three people who were complete strangers.  She encouraged her readers to send in the names and stories of someone they knew who could use a little encouragement in their lives.  I decided to send in my oldest daughter's name and told Valerie of how Lilly, my granddaughter, was born with many disabilities and how Mendy lovingly cares for her each day.
   A few weeks later, I received word that Mendy had been chosen to receive a RAK and this week I got to present her with Valerie's gift!
Valerie sent Mendy a real sweet letter telling her how she was chosen and why Valerie was sending the gift.

The gift was a beautiful quilt made by Val's dad!  You might remember the story I wrote about "my granny quilt" last year.  Even though Granny has passed away, her son is now quilting and selling his quilts on Val's blog. 

I know Mendy and her children will spend many hours snuggled up under this comfy quilt! Thank you again, Valerie, for your "random act of kindness"!


  1. Oh you are so sweet! This is beautiful. I LOVE seeing the pictures!!! Thank you for being a part of this Random Acts Of Kindness. Thank you for being YOU. Your blog is a blessing.

  2. Thank you for dropping by my site. Looks like you have a wonderful family.

    I don't know how to sew very well, but....I can push a button on an embroidery machine. LOL.

    Another "Glenda"! Not too many of us and some people ask me if I changed my name to match my husbands, Glenn.

    God Bless



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