Friday, March 12, 2010

Home, Sweet Trailer Home

   Several months ago, while fishing at the lake, my husband saw a used travel trailer for sale. He has always dreamed of having a cabin, trailer or actually his home, on that lake.  When he said this trailer was only $1800 I couldn't believe my ears.  I thought he must mean $18,000.  So the next day we rushed to the lake because surely a deal this good couldn't last for long!  All the way over there, we talked about how we could go down for a weekend, he could fish, while I sat on the deck and read.  How relaxing it would be!
When we arrived, I realized that we were experiencing two different dreams!  The trailer was ancient, had a distinct musty smell and had visible cracks in the walls.  And oh yeah, he failed to mention it sat on the parking lot of the marina restaurant. Wouldn't I look great sitting on the deck in a parking lot reading my book?   Even at $1800 it was definitely overpriced!  But even with all these obvious flaws, I could still see the hope and sparkle in my husband's eyes.  His own fish camp, a place to bring our grandson on weekends, a place for him and his buddies to stay!  What more could a man want?
   I could really see the disappointment in his face when I pointed out that our daughter would never let her five year old son stay in that fire-trap of a trailer and that I would really be embarassed if he brought any of our friends down to stay there.  But  as we drove away, I realized that this man deserved to be happy and we were now destined to become the owners of an RV, so I might as well get used to the idea and find us one that was livable.
  After several weeks of scouring craigslist, I found a couple in our price range and once more we headed to the lake to find "our" dream retreat.
  Trailer #1 looked like something out of the movie Deliverance.  It was right on the water's edge, in a trailer park that wasn't paved and had many ancient trailers nearby. Beer bottle lights were strung everywhere.  Even my husband ran from that one pretty quick!
  Trailer #2 was a fifth-wheel trailer, also on the water's edge, but in a nicer park.  It was older, but still in good condition and ready to use without a lot of work.  So, to make a long story short, next week we will be purchasing his, I mean, our trailer on the lake. 
   As he dreams of a fish camp with his buddies, I'm thinking maybe this thing just might work if we install a flat screen TV, get some cute dishes and placemats and maybe some monogrammed towels.  What do you think?
   Here's a picture of the trailer before it was placed on the lot.  Aren't you envious?  Feel free to come down any weekend! :)


  1. If we ever get ours out of the mud...right now it's parked on the side of our house on the dirt. We haven't tried to get it out yet - if we are going to destroy the side yard, we're going to wait until it's absolutely necessary. Maybe we'll have several weeks of dry weather between now and the end of May? Have fun! We've enjoyed our trailer and we've only had it for a year now. And yes, they cheer up wonderfully with placemats and towells!

  2. Oh my goodness. Your story sounds so familiar. My hubby wants a hunting cabin. Well, he found one. I was expecting a "cabin"- I don't exactly know what you call this. It is a shack but we have nicknamed it the Hilton! We are trying to make it liveable. It sits on 125 acres and he loves that. We will see. The guys are suppose to be patching walls and putting carpet in soon. It is close to 2 lakes so we will be taking our boat too when it is not hunting season. I will trade with you. Your camper looks wonderful. I agree a flat screen would help a lot.

  3. Valerie,
    If your husband does as good a job as you all did on the "love shack"
    your Hilton will be quite nice!
    You'll have to post some pics!

  4. I think cute dishes, placemats and monogrammed towels are just what a few rugged fishing buddies need.

  5. dbl,
    I wouldn't laugh too much if I were you. I hear Leslie has some plans for yours, too!



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