Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Family & Friends - Old and New Friends

   Last Friday, we had a visit from an old church camp friend of mine and his sweet wife.  Even though we became friends about 43 years ago, as teenagers, and I had only seen him once since (about 16 years ago) we renewed a great friendship.  I had only met his wife once, but felt very comfortable around her also and made a new friend that I cherish.  My husband also enjoyed our time with both of them and we hope to spend time with them again soon.
   They chose this particular time to visit because it was the weekend of Canton First Monday.  If you've never been to the trade days at Canton, TX, you've really missed out on a great adventure!  This event is held the weekend before the first Monday of every month.  It dates back to the days when a circuit judge would come through town the first Monday of each month and everyone would choose that weekend to come to town and trade vegetables, guns, chickens, etc. while entertaining themselves with the local court proceedings.  It has continued through the years and grown into acres and acres of crafts, flea market items, and yes, even some animals. 
   Here's the statue at the entrance...

It reflects the spirit of the early trade days  very well.  

   Since our friends, Danny and Leslie, really like antiques and the retro look, we headed out to the back of the trade grounds where we found lots of old glassware, guns and well...just about anything else you could imagine.  We even saw this...


Is that a bed pan that deer is playing? 
   We spent most of the day at Canton even though the temperature was close to 100 degrees.  Leslie bought a beautiful quilt for their bed and some jewelry for their daughters. 

   On Sunday, we went to church and had a mexican dinner before they headed back home to Oklahoma. 
We had a great time introducing them to our family and friends. Danny and Leslie, please come back anytime.  It was a pleasure renewing an old friendship and beginning a new one!



  1. Oh, I hope you bought that "guard deer" - too cute! Although I imagine it might cause an auto accident or two as drivers do a double-take! I almost bought a "taxidermed" squirrel sunbathing in a little chair in the UK before my friend spaz-ed out and told me she'd no longer be my friend if I bought "that rodent". Some people have no respect for whimsy. :)

  2. Glenda, thankyou for a wonderful weekend! Leslie and I really enjoyed our time with you and Mickey. There was so much to see at Canton I guess we should all go again sometime:) Seeing you after all these years and meeting your family was a blessing! Thankyou again for opening your home to us. Danny and Leslie

  3. Glenda, you are a great tour guide! If we ever get to go back I want to concentrate on the craft areas for Christmas gifts. And I'm sure you can show me the best booths for that. What a great time we had, thanks! Leslie

  4. Wow! To meet up with friends after many years is so much fun! I guess we're getting old enough now to appreciate a good friendship. Glad you guys had so much fun!



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