Friday, June 18, 2010

Reflections on Jelly Making

   A few weeks ago, I picked blackberries at a local farmer's patch.  I spent several hours there and picked about two gallons.  The berries were just beginning to ripen and I had to work pretty hard to find them ...

but it was certainly worth it!  I brought them home and froze them and today, I thawed some to make jam.  I love making jellies and jams because it reminds me of my mom and all the canning she used to do. My dad grew a huge garden and Mother was expected to can or freeze as much as she could.  I don't think she enjoyed it the way I do, though, because for her it was a necessity and for me, it's just a hobby.
   Several weeks ago, I found this sieve in an antique shop in Mineola.
   My mother had one just like it, so I had to buy it.  I used it today and it worked great!  I was able to make my jam without all the seeds.  I made sixteen jars and next week I plan on making blueberry and peach.

   I guess to some, it's strange that I would make something that I can buy so cheaply at the store. I think that besides the fact that it reminds me of my childhood, I enjoy knowing that I can be a little self-sufficient.  I mean, I didn't grow the berries, but at least I know what to do with them.  I'm trying to pass that on to my grandson.  Next week, I'll be taking him to Edom, Texas for our annual blueberry picking trip.  I love watching him carry his little basket and pick those tiny berries.  Hopefully, our trip will give him some great memories and more importantly, the experience of working to provide his own food, because a  little pioneer spirit just might be good for us all!                                                                                                                                     


  1. I love the idea of being self sufficient in some way. It would be sad if this type of skill did not get passed down. Michael "will" remember this shared event that was "his" time with you. I remember a story from a parenting class where a woman said she would never forget and would always cherish the times she and her Dad stopped to pick flowers in a field they passed on their way home.
    We really enjoy the time consuming skill you have mastered to turn out the wonderful product we are enjoying. Thanks! Leslie

  2. I know if it's the self sufficient component or not Glenda, but getting back to our roots and doing things our grandmothers did always makes me smile. blessings, marlene

  3. Glenda, as a youngster my day was usually filled with going over to Uncle Leonard's garage where we would work on old tv sets, hifi sets and anything electronic. Aunt Marie would bake bread and spread homemade jelly on top. It was delicious! Thanks for the reflection of a simpler time... at least for those of us enjoying the product of all that hard work of picking, making and canning!

  4. Oh my goodness! Of course we can trade! I'd love to have some of your blackberry jelly! Email me - - and we'll trade addresses. How fun a jelly trade will be!



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