Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Musings - Aged or Ageless?

  Last Friday, I attended a benefit fashion show and luncheon at a local retirement center.  The funds raised will help support the many outings the group takes in and around the Dallas area.
   While some of the models in the fashion show were young employees of the retirement center, many were actually residents.  A retired accountant who appeared to be in his early eighties looked quite charming in a pair of khakis, plaid shirt and white sweater vest while a pretty, white-haired former flight attendant showed off a coral top, matching overshirt and a flowing, flowered skirt. Both appeared in fairly good health and seemed to enjoy their moment in the spotlight, as did all the other resident models.
   As I watched them, I started to think of all the older friends I have.  What makes some seem so much younger than others?  I know there are some things we don't have as much control over, like dementia and some genetically inherited disorders and diseases. But some perfectly healthy seniors still seem to age mentally much earlier than others.
   So, why do some still seem so youthful?  Is it the way they approach life?  The desire they have to keep learning?  The health choices they've made along the way?  The socio-economic level they've  achieved?
   I'm not sure I have the answers, but I know which group I'm hoping to belong to.   What do you think?


  1. Hi, Glenda. I love reading posts like this, mainly because I ask the same questions. My grandmother is still kicking at 109 years old. Many people have ask her that, and she says she doesn't know why she's lived so long. She's amazing, but I think that all those things you mentioned have come into play in her life. She's kept active and interactive with friends and family. She's always been moderate in her diet and exercise and health. She continues to watch political tv and baseball. I told her recently that she can't die now; she's already lived forever! Thanks for a great post.

  2. I am with you, I hope I am in that group when the time comes. My Mom (83)is still very active (can barely keep up with her) so I am hoping it is in the genes.



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