Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Musings - Now Spring in Texas is Really Here!

   Yesterday, while driving home from church, I caught my first glimpse of this year's bluebonnets!  It was just a small patch along the highway but it was so exciting to see them!
   Before moving to Texas seventeen years ago, I had never heard of or seen these beautiful wildflowers.  The first time I saw a whole field of them it literally took my breath away!  The color is so vibrant and sometimes stretches over an acre or more of an open field.
   Every child in this state has at one time or another had their picture taken in a big patch of bluebonnets and many a mantel boasts a large, hand-painted canvas of this native flower. 
   Nothing says Texas like the bluebonnet!


  1. It was what sold me on the state. I came out to college here in August 2006...and was miserable with colds (since I tended to get sick when the weather changed - ha!) most of that first semester. Couldn't see why anyone would want to live here until that first Spring when the bluebonnets and Mexican Evening primrose bloomed.

  2. You are absolutely right about bluebonnets. They make a green field stunningly beautiful. Have a happy spring.

  3. A wonderful photo. You should paint this! It would make a great painting.



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