Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

   Today, I am thankful for stares.  Yes, I said stares.  You see, when we take Lilly, our special needs granddaughter anywhere, often we notice that some people do a little more than just glance at us.  Last summer, my daughter, Lilly's mother, said "I hate it when people stare at us."  I started thinking about that and these are the reasons I am thankful for their stares:
  • First of all, if people ignored a beautiful little toddler who obviously cannot see or even hold her head up on her own, they would be very calloused.  I know we read about people in big cities who watch a crime being committed and do nothing, but I choose to believe that most people are compassionate and that when they look at Lilly, that is what they are feeling.  Compassion makes us better people and is necessary in a civilized society.

  • I also hope that when they look at Lilly it makes them appreciate their own healthy children or grandchildren.   Sometimes in the midst of living our busy lives, we forget about the blessings we have.  If Lilly's presence causes one parent to say a little prayer and thank God for their own child, then she has taught a beautiful lesson.

  • Their stares might also mean that they are reminded that there will always be people who are completely dependent on others for their needs and that it is our responsibility, as individuals and collectively, to see that these needs are met.

  • They could just be admiring my daughter and her husband. and the way they handle their trials.  It might make them realize their problems pale in comparison, or it might be an encouragement to someone who's handling similar difficulties.

  • And some people are just curious about her condition.  But, they may know of someone who has similar symptoms and it could  lead us to a diagnosis for Lilly.

  • And finally, a glimpse of Lilly could make someone more appreciative of  their own sight and mobility.  It might cause them to lead a more productive life and make use of their time and energy more wisely.
  So, yes, even though I'm a person who would prefer to just blend into the crowd, I'm thankful for every stare and every person who stops and comments on how sweet Lilly is.  And even though I would never have chosen this path in life, I'm always praying that others will benefit from the walk that God has chosen for our family.

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  1. Our heart aches for what we initially perceive as "handicaps" in our family until we realize that perhaps we had the deficiency and that person had what WE needed all along! Bless you, Glenda. You are an inspiration. :)



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