Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tales From The Trailer Park

  We just returned from spending a harrowing night at the trailer.  You know, my husband's "dream come true" on the best fishing lake in Texas. Well, as I was driving over there yesterday morning in the rain I had no idea that storms were being forecast for the night.  Just before bedtime I heard on the radio that there was a possibility of storms in Dallas.  Since we were about an hour and half from there I decided to check the weather using my new iPhone. (I don't have that flat screen yet, so my only communication with the world is by phone or the trailer's built-in radio.) Sure enough, we were in a tornado watch for most of the night.
  About 1:45 a.m. it started to rain a little with some occasional lightning.  Since the window next to my side of the bed was almost touching a tree and was only about two feet from me, I was a little nervous.  So as the storm got worse, I got up and looked for a safer place.  Of course, everyone knows THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE IN A TRAILER WHEN IT'S STORMING!  Finally, I talked my husband into getting up and sitting with me in the little hallway between the bathroom sink and the door that leads to the commode and shower.
   As the hail began to hit and we could hear things blowing around outside, he jokingly mentioned that at least the water along the bank is only about three feet deep.  At that point, it hadn't occurred to me yet that we were only about 10 feet from the lake and that if a tornado did hit, we could actually be blown into it! Not a comforting thought since I'm not a good swimmer!  And if the whole thing was blown in, do trailers float or sink?
   After about thirty minutes the winds subsided and we were able to get a few hours sleep.  This morning I awoke with a new appreciation for sunshine and calm skies.   And if I can help it, I don't intend to spend another stormy night in the trailer.  That was one of several lessons I've learned in my two nights in that trailer.
   If someone offered a course called Trailer Living 101, I'd be the first in line to take it.  Did you know that the little pedal on the bottom of a trailer commode doesn't open the top like the one on a trashcan does?  It's the flusher!  Imagine that!
   And to get hot water, you have to push a switch under the kitchen sink.   Then you only get 6 gallons of hot water at one time!  That means that to take a shower you have to turn it on, turn it off, suds up, then turn it on again to rinse off.  Don't even think about shaving your legs!
   This morning I heated the water and  started to take a shower only to discover that there was no water coming out when I turned on the hot and cold handles.  Once more, I knew I was missing something and just needed a handbook to make everything right.  Sure enough, later in the day I mentioned to Mickey that I hadn't been able to take a shower because something was wrong with it and he showed me a little button on the shower nozzle that has to be pushed for the water to come out.  How was I supposed to know that?
    I did accomplish a little while I was there.  Since this is Sewing Saturday on my blog, I'll show you the finished curtains.  All seven of them are now done!

Notice the mismatched kitchen chairs?  After I finished the curtains, I started reupholstering the chairs.  They are going from country blue....

 To this.....

After I complete these, I'll be starting on the kitchen area backsplash.  Of course, that does mean I'll have to go over and spend another night.  But at least now I know how the commode and the shower work.  If I could just figure out where they put the storm shelter....


  1. You're a braver soul than I! I grew up in Lubbock where tornados were a source of late night runs to the neighbors cellar and "the big one" hit May 11th when I was in junior high. I have a healthy respect and fear of those things - so glad you all were okay!

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