Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sewing Saturday

  We just came home after a two day trip to the lake.  Yesterday, I sewed all day on new curtains and cornice boards for the trailer. I completed four and I have three more to go.  I think they look a lot nicer than the ones that were there.

Before (circa 1994)....


Next time I go over there, I'll finish the curtains and reupholster the dining chairs.  While I was hard at work on the curtains, Mickey was hard at work catching these...


  1. Wow. Those fish are huge. Are they largemouth bass? We love to fish but haven't even went out yet. Oh yes, your window treatments are great but the fish took the cake!!!

  2. What?? The brass metal accents on those cornices weren't workin' for ya?? Thank goodness! :) Looks really nice and fresh now - wow, almost (and I do mean ALMOST) makes me want to get my sewing machine out.

  3. Yes, Valerie, those are large-mouth bass. You really know your fish!I don't know what it's like there, but they are really starting to bite here. You need to find some time to get to the lake. It's very therapeutic!

  4. Oh, Cheri, I thought you were going to say "almost makes me want to get a travel trailer"! LOL

  5. They look great, Glenda. Anything else you do to spruce up the trailer, let us know. Our colors are great - browns and red, but accessories are limited. I'm out of ideas at the moment for make it more decorative homey. The kids do a great job of making it feel like home by leaving their towels everywhere and clothes all over the beds and shoes in my way. :-)

    It's looking great!

  6. Those bass are huge! Where were you? Looks like an East Texas lake to me. The curtains most certainly look better. Good job.



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